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. a heated oakland city council meeting goes into the overnight hours and they are very upset about hiring police consultants. and our ktvu channel 2 morning news cameras were right there during a chase, how that chase came to an end, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2
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morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. good morning everybody, it is wednesday january 23rd, i am brian flores in for dave clark. >> it sounds like rain but maybe just a tiny bit, maybe. >> yes, pam. finally a lot of cloud cover coming in not much rain but more likely in the afternoon and i would favor the areas in the golden gate, here is sal. some traffic between walnut creek and oakland looks good but no major problems and 880 looks good as you pass the coliseum, now let's go back to the desk. an early morning apartment fire, we are learning more about how it started and tara moriarty is there at the scene in haze valley with the neighborhood with more on what
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investigators are saying, tara? >> reporter: initially we reported this was a christmas tree fire but that was not the case. it is sort of a busy road and you can see all of the rubble that is stacked up in front of the apartment building and the damage that is between those two buildings arson investigators are not sure what sparked this fire but officials believe whatever it was, was in a blue bin between two buildings. fire broke out and the fire walls coming from between the two buildings and they did act quickly. >> when we hit it, it was knocked down right away. >> reporter: the good news was that nobody was hurt and one of these buildings is actually empty so there was nobody inside and there was only one resident inside the other building. everybody got out okay and it looks as if the damage is
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pretty super special. we will check with arson investigators and check it and one is a law office building so they could have put it there overnight some people are saying that is unlikely or maybe it was papasser by. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. just hours ago they approved a measure to hire somebody as a consultant for the police department. here is more on the reaction to the vote. >> reporter: after a lengthy comment period that went into the morning hours, they approved the hiring of a man who as a former chief his policing policies came under fire and the vote early this morning sparked outrage. >> 7 yeses...
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>> boo, boo, boo... >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 morning news had the only cameras inside and they approved the deal on a 7-1 vote. roughly 275 people spoke at this lengthy council meeting an many opposed them to come in and develop a crime fighting plan for oakland. critics say the man who headed up the police department in new york and l.a., could cause racial profiling. the only member to approve it said police cannot truly address the root causes of crime. >> i am very against this contract tonight. it is not about not being serious about crime. it is about we need to do the real workings the real work to address crime in this community. >> reporter: but the council
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members who green lighted the deal are backing their police chief, they say and right now police jordan is trying to combat the serious crime going on and a drop in the amount of officers and they are saying the police department needs help. >> if bill can bring us help so black boys and brown boys are not dying anymore, i say amen. >>reporter: however the police department cannot truly address the crime but what must be done is the improvement of social services. it is called strategic partnership and when they come they will put together a policing plan that will include participation with the community including town hall meetings for input. coming up at 5:30, the promise
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that oakland's police chief is making to the community as this outside person comes in to help combat crime in the city. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. an attempted traffic stop turned into a chase through san francisco. our camera caught the pursuit moving north on san leandro moving across the bay bridge where officers popped the suspect's tires with spike strips. that is where the driver was arrested. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will make her first appearance looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate. she will testify before the house of representatives and senate commission. the what happened in benghazi will be something they will use
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against hillary rodham clinton in her questioning. japan has determined that a battery on a boeing 787 which over heated was not overcharged. the finding goes against initial suspicions which made the airlines to make the landing and the all planes have been grounded since that emergency. they were swept by a rogue wave. brian baker was pulled into the water while hiking. his friend 46-year-old adam griffith dove into the water but was overcome by the surf. authorities called off the search for baker. authorities are looking at what happened on heart drive on monday. the men stole jewelry and two cars from the frightened
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couple. >> they are shook up and you are concerned about them and it could have been our house it happened to. >> and another crime happened just hours before the home invasion. they cannot say if they were the same men responsible. the vehicles they stole are a green toyota hylander with the license plates 3 un g96 zero. be sure to bring some change, starting this weekend, parking control officers will write tickets for expired meters. city leaders say enforcing meters will create more turnover for parking and they are expected to raise more than $2 million a year. let's go to traffic starting in the east bay. >> yes, we are headed west as
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you drive out to the mcarthur maze and the drive times are still good for this area from the bridge to the west bridge. there is no significant delay and right now is a good time to go. and in the san jose area, north pound 280 does look good getting to highway 17. let's go to steve. >> it looks like some very light rain out of this and the lows are some consolation, let's focus on the positive, 30s and 40s and 50s, there is some very warm readings on the peninsular and san mateo coast, some of the higher elevations as well. there is not a lot to the system and it does not have a lot of push but it looks like it will stick around for a while. it has been dry but a lot of
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this rain is light and each band that comes through will wait. it looks like it will plod so warmer lows and cooler afternoon highs. 50s for many, or upper 50s and lower 60s. the warmest is 64 and a lot of 61s and 60s. that low just hangs around and it looks like a colder system will clip us on sunday. in north dakota they are deal with freezing temperatures and e reporter came up with a plan to demonstrate just how cold it is. >> watch what happens, here we go. >> first he put a cup of water in the air and it instantly formed a frozen cloud. temperatures of fargo are expected to remain around zero,
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zero for most of the week. >> all right, i will not complain. 5:09 is the time. another bank robbery, authorities think the suspect may be linked to other cases. she called it the toughest decision of her life before the biggest game of his life. and as you drive across to 880, i will talk more the bay area commute and weather.
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. welcome back, time now 5:12, a man who robbed a bank may also have robbed a bank earlier this month. a bank on union highway was targeted at 5:45 and it is the 6th robbery since october 12th. they say the same man may have robbed a bank in green bray. they say he is 6-foot tall with blue or green eyes. it happened near a community college and a fight between the suspect and another man ended in gunfire at lone star college yesterday. both men were wounded. the campus maintenance man was caught in the crossfire. the gunshots led to a lock down
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and several tense hours. a suspect is not left with many escape hours as he paces a building. the chase began while s.w.a.t. members on the street tried to coax him down, and as of a few hours ago, he has not surrendered. in a few hours they will grill secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and republicans have a whole host of questions for her. kyla campbell? >> reporter: they will have more when they fire off questions for her later this morning. they attacked the consulate in benghazi in libya. we learned later stevens requested more security but it never came. they showed new state department e-mails showing nearly a year before the attack
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stevens asked to move the compound and he proposed moving to a hotel or an annex. but it is expected to add fuel to the firestorm republicans have already promised. clinton is likely to repeat what she said in october. >> i take responsibility and i am in charge of the state department, 60,000 plus people all over the world. >> reporter: clinton was supposed to testify last month and that was due to world travel and a concussion and some other illnesses. we will have more when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, senator steven kerry will question him and they will appear before that same committee to replace clinton as secretary of state. kerry is expected to be easily
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confirmed. his biological mother is hoping he will reach out to her. it has before the dash become the first option before giving him -- giving him of for adoption. she would look to him and the couple that adopted him. >> we would wait for pictures and it was really hard, his whole life i thought about him. >> russo says giving him up was the toughest decision she ever made but as you might imagine she will be cheering for him and the super bowl. they will keep feeling safer in marin county and people who live there will be able to receive alerts by text or voice e-mails through their cell phones. it is through the notification system and it will be launched this saturday and people can
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alert them through marin .org. 62% say they favor away for illegal immigrants to become citizens and that's up 2% since 2010. president barack obama said immigration is a priority in his second term agenda. and in washington d.c. there is a controversial attempt to fix the key phone pipeline. the president of the sierra club said the club will for the first time in its 120 year history engage in an act of civil disoh speedians to protest the pipeline. -- disobedience to protest the pipeline. it will transport to gulf refineries in the u.s. now they have announced they will open a huge
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distribution system in san joaquin valley and it will be the first to open since the seattle company started to pay to the treasury in september. they are committed to bringing 10,000 new jobs to california. all right, let's go pack to sal. looking at the freeway it does not look all that bad and as a matter of fact if you are driving around the entire bay area it's not bad of course things may change. traffic here does look good in both directions near the coliseum and also traffic is moving well at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major delays coming through to the city. mostly very nice, a couple of construction areas which are not getting any slow traffic and we will leave it as nice and let you know if they
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develop slow downs for example. we have more show than if. upper 40s and lower 50s at least there has been a warmup. very mild, cloud cover, not a lot of rain with this system, there is some, but it is hit and miss and most of it seems to be headed towards the north bay. cloudy skies all day, maybe a few breaks but the heaviest amounts much rain would be the north. santa rosa and ukiah reported rain but it is all -- there is going to be one to two systems and this will hang out in central california and spin out a lot of clouds and some rain over the next couple of days. warmer lows and cooler afternoon highs, mid-50s or
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very low 60s and everything is changing. temperatures will continue to span the new side and that looks more like a rainy system than another kind. japan's nikkei dropped more than 2% and they are upset they did not fight defiliation which pushed up the value of the yen which then hurt asian experts. taiwan and asia also slipped. pretty decent gains with the dow jones industrial average up 62.5 points and nasdaq and s&p 500 are also posting s&p 500 is close to 1,500. keeping an eye on google's stock and they announced better than expected 4 quarter results, google earned 9. $8 billion and that topped expectations by $200 million.
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google earnings were especially good in international markets. a detoured new construction stone and what it's all about and how students played a big part in how it happened. oh, no, serena has broken records. >> a bit of a meltdown, why serena losing her cool could signal a new era in tennis.
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. welcome back, in menlo park they have approved a one story platform above a parking area and the building to be designed by award-winning frank gary, it will help the roof blend into the landscape. a $223 million redevelopment project initiated by students at uc berkeley is now underway. students can see and hear the big changes on the south side of campus and the hall will be demolished making way for a whole new plaza. student leaders say they wanted the changes and they are looking forward to a newer sprawl plaza. >> sentially taxed themselves to pay for the project and the students paid
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1/2 of the project. >> they will be located at the new hall when the project is completed in 2015. williams smashed her racket several times during her painful loss to an american teenager. she hurt her back slowing down her serve causing obvious pain and many predict 16-year-old sloane stevens could become the next superstar. and now a new menu items. they are concerned about the cost of beef so they are trying out what they call burritos. -- that will be called burritos. and in los gatos, it has
5:27 am
been done at the eye -- eiffel towers and now they are stepping in but they are offering a romantic area to profess their love and they will discuss that option and many others. let's look at traffic and i guess there are bart delays this morning. >> yes they were doing track workings nothing major and we will let you know about that. and let's have more as traffic continues to move along towards the south bay and southbound 680 traffic does look good heading down to the bottom of the hill. let's go to steve. cloudy skies, this is more bark than bite, a little bit of light rain and the lows are up and that's some consolation,
5:28 am
most of it looks to be favoring areas to the north and there could be cloudy skies, highs 50s and 60s, here is more. the national association is lashing out at president barack obama. >> they could not careless about president barack obama's principals. what president barack obama said in his inauguration speech which has the nra so upset. and from the 2012 year we will have those numbers coming up, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler
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by their rules. come on over to southwest, the one airline that changed the game for the whole industry. ♪
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. welcome back, i am brian flores, dave clark has the morning off. >> it is almost 5:30, steve paulson is here, i think everybody can relate to how you sound. you look good steve. >> that's all that matters, that is why i love her dearly. thank you for that. temperatures are on the lows but mainly a lot of cloud cover, upper 50s and lower 60s, here is sal. 880 traffic is moving well if you are driving through through the oakland area and it is a very nice looking drive and no problems over to 24.
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also 880 westbound looks good headed to the mcarthur maze, let's go back to the desk. >> earlier they approved a controversial contract to hire experts outside of the police department. it included many speakers and a heated debate. police removed one man who refused to stop speaking after several warnings from the council. oakland will spend more than 750,000 dollars which includes the police chief william bratton but many don't approval because he approves stop and frisk policies. >> you don't have the proper man to implement this and you are basically blowing money. >> bringing the change may not be the solution in the long run but in the short-term, you need to vote your conviction and you need to keep the faith. >> reporter: the contract
5:33 am
passed with an amendment emphasizing it will not allow any and if i have people are in police -- 5 people are in police custody after sparking a shooting in seminary yesterday. they detained three other people for questioning and the officer who was wounded is now out of the hospital. they were taken to the hospital after a car crashed into a tree. it happened on hicks road on camden avenue. they described the driver as a young male adult and a female passenger was also in the car and no word on what caused the adult to loss control of the car. it happened just before 3:00 an haze valley. arson investigators believe it was started by something inside a blue bin in between the two
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buildings but they are investigating. there was one person but that other person did get out safety. it began as a controlled burn but the burn quickly went out of control near kelseyville. the fire has burned 300 acres and caltrans has blamed them but no homes are threatened and it is 50% contained. president barack obama was criticized for using the word absolutism and they spoke to a group of supporters in reno. he took issue with president barack obama for saying in his speech that americans should not quote mistake absolutism for principal. >> president barack obama is saying the only principalled way to make children safe is to make lawful citizens, less safe and violent criminals more
5:35 am
safe. >> reporter: the nra interpreted the president's remark to strong opposition to any new fun regulations. he expects it to keep rising but there is no way to track how many guns there are in san francisco. right now a person living in san francisco can travel to the peninsular or elsewhere in the state to buy a weapon. that purchase will be recorded in that city but there will be no official record of that gun coming back into san francisco. there are other several loopholes as well. do san francisco police officers cary weapons and they want to know why members of the community do not. they are expected to report the iphone and "i" pad sales during the 2012 season. here is more on why there is a great deal of concern over
5:36 am
today's earnings report. here is janine de la vega. >> reporter: apple will be looking at the report earnings and you will still find plenty of customers inside apple stores but are sales of i- phones slipping. they just came out with new numbers on their phones but only half were the iphone 5. customers were attracted to buying iphone 4s because they are marked down a couple of dollars. profits on those are much smaller and there is speculation they have cut the component orders so analysts will be looking at what the shipping number was for the quarter. analysts are divided on whether it will show an increase or decrease. it would be the first time in nine years and ceo tom cook
5:37 am
will be crucial for the company. now coming up in the next half hour, we will tell you about a recent study showing a trend among twins and "i" phones that could play in to sales among i- phones which is coming up in the next half hour and it may surprise you what that study says. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:35 is the time and sal, remember we were talking about how expensive it was to go to new orleans, well a friend bought a ticket three months ago, it only cost 350 bucks. >> wow, that is a great strategy. see saved herself 1,200 bucks on that. let's look at the commute if you are driving on 880 westbound, no problems if you are if thing onto the toll plaza and there is a little bit
5:38 am
of a tee lay in those lanes but it may be a two minute drive and also the morning commute looks good in san jose and sunny veil and southbound 280 also looks good into cupertino, let's go to steve. cloudy skies and temperatures and the lows have come up and this is a pattern change for rain, very light rain but the first week in february may change. at least things are changing. you can see a little bit of rain to the north and there is cloud cover to the north of us. 50s on the temperatures and 55 half-moon bay and 59 around passive can and even the inland temperatures are much warmer. 20s and 30s and brent in livermore said i don't have anything to say today. excuse me, that is much better. a little bit of rain and cloud cover and that's how this is
5:39 am
shaping up. it looks like it will stay mainly to the north. probably all the way into friday and the low is down there and it has to move over us. a couple of good things and it is not as cold but it is chilly and it's nothing like the last ten days. upper 50s and very low 60s but the warmest will be santa cruz, goodbye to 70s for a while. mostly cloudy thursday and friday, saturday looking okay and maybe a colder system with light rain on sunday. >> wood burning is not allowed in the bay area district, there is an unhealthy amount trapped near the bay area and with the  smoke, it is the largest amount in the air. the dealer sold nearly
5:40 am
2012, toyota and honda did take all of the sales followed by the toyota carola and crv. coming up. plans for housing are not going well for the people of los gatos. >> the whole town needs to know about this proposed plan and how it affects all of us in los gatos. >> we will have more on why they are so concerned. and a group of palo alto students, visits the white house and they have a surprise visit by the president. and in the palo alto peninsular area traffic is moving well and we will tell you more about that straight ahead. ♪
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is due on capitol hill and she is scheduled to testify about the attack before two congressional committees today. they accused the state department of failing to provide adequate security at the consulate. in a 7-1 vote they approved to hire the chief has a consultant and it came after two hours of public comments. many hired him because he supports aggressive police tactics. a fire started and they are trying to figure out how it all started. it started with a blue bin in between the two buildings and nobody was injured.
5:44 am
it seems affordable housing in los gatos has only just gun. most people were upset over a proposal for five buildings which would have brought 369 high density affordable units to the northern part of town. >> i am concerned that putting more people in the neighborhood, it will put hundreds more cars on the road. >> the council decided to rethink its plan and they will come up with locations and staff will try to figure out how they will repair schools. that was the tower which was damaged when an oil tanker grazed it while heading out to sea in dense fog. here is a look at pictures when construction got underway and a huge crane acted as the on-site
5:45 am
repair for the headquarters on the huge barge. >> we will know as the project continues. >> that is scheduled to take 90 days but the project could be completed earlier depending on the weather. few people voiced their concerns as they pushed for tazers. members listened to concerns at the recreation center last night and they are pushing for a pilot program to arm 100 officers with prevention programs. community members still say they are dangerous. >> tazers do have dangers, they do kill people and we know they kill people. >> members of the commission will hold two more meetings with the community and the police chief and the subcommittee will make a recommendation to the full commission who will then vote. the u.s. supreme court will hear issues on gay marriages.
5:46 am
they filed a legal brief yesterday anarch used same sex marriage goes against tradition and heterosexual marriages are necessary for making children. they will file their arguments next month. the roe versus wade abortion, another ruling will expand the historic decision and they will allow specially trained medical professionals to provide early term abortions. many will be allowed to perform non-surgical early a portion. prime minister benjamin netanyahu thought it would be a landslide election although he came out on top it was a slim margin. he lost seats in the parliament and they suggest the right wing may be stalled a bit. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he plans to
5:47 am
honor his word. antigen roll steven allen is accused of misconduct. jill kelly is the one who complained about anonymous e- mails which led to a discovery of extramarital affairs with general david petraeus. the vote was put on hold and no word on if that nomination will go forward. it is an experience of a lifetime... >> i just want to say hello to everybody. >> reporter: president barack obama, first lady michelle obama greeted students at the media center yesterday. the students tell us they were on a public tour when they were
5:48 am
asked to wait for a very special guest and they did miss the flight because of the encounter but they said it was well worth it. it is doing well and we always like to check to see for those of you who live in san francisco or work down in the peninsular we always like to check that and the drive time is between 380 and 90, that is the standard when nothing is going on and then going over to redwood city in palo alto. >> sexually as nice and of course we will stay on it for you. san mateo and the bridge it looks good and this drive is not all that bad and it is moving along nicely and there are no major problems. also near the bay bridge, it is a one minute delay and if you
5:49 am
are using cash, that may change in about a half hour or so. let's go to steve. big pattern change and the overnight lows are much warmer. the coolest i could find is 52s and 53s. i know there are some 57s on the peninsular and there are cloudy skies and every reporting station says cloudy. ukiah, this system is coming up from the southwest and it is more show than go except towards the north bay and we could see rain around the bay area but a half an inch further north. mendocino county is more in line for heavier rain and again it has been a long stretch of weather. half-moon bay, napa, this is a big redwood city and it is a big difference compared to where we were yesterday. we had some upper 20s and not today it's all 40s.
5:50 am
cloud cover, not much in the way of rain and later is a better opportunity than today. this system is not going anywhere. it is going to hang around and give us a lot of cloud cover over the next two or three days. warmer lows and cooler afternoon highs, upper 50s and mid-50s to lower 60s and the spread between some of the inland areas on the coast is definitely narrowing here today. mostly cloudy. all the way to friday but at this point, saturday the weekend looks okay. i think it will be more clouds than rain but i think we will have more rain. he is a apologizing to shareholders again. he is sorry for the 6th billion dollars loss and it is placed on a trader related to bad derivatives. he calls it a terrible mistake but life goes on and his pay was cut in half because of the
5:51 am
that incident. steve jobs threatened arrival lawsuit -- a rival lawsuit. it is part of a lawsuit by tech workers and they claim that several tech firms conspired to eliminate competition as a way to hold salaries down and the judge is considering whether or not to allow it to become a class-action suit. there is a variety of pizza made by a berkeley company and tiny pieces of metal may be in the crust of its home grown pizzas. annie does not want to take any chances and all of them have best buy dates by january 14th. anybody who has one should return it to the store for a full refund. finding agreeing deer problem in the south bay and it only focuses on the population
5:52 am
here. we have special stuff for people who want to get inked up but just for game day, we will explain, stay tuned.
5:53 am
5:54 am
. good morning, cloudy skies, most of it looks to be towards the north bay, upper 50s and lower 60s. people in the midwest are
5:55 am
bracing for a 4th day and temperatures hoovered around zero with windchills around minus 10 degrees. it is expected to bring several inches of snow east in the coming days. a san jose community is moving forward to reduce the area's deer population. deer no longer fear humans and are acting aggressively towards pets. starting this weekend, they will start sterilizing the female deer and the plan calls for it but some say it is a temporary fix. >> once they remove them, others will come in and the cycle will be repeated every two to four years. >> the department of fish and wildlife have given the green light to the project. they are one step away from banning pot clubs. the city council approved the
5:56 am
prose poll sal and -- proposal and marijuana dispensaries they say increase crime. the two year moratorium is set to expire in april. they have announced plans for a series of live summertime cancers. -- concerts. several stars will perform in a temporary venue on the san francisco waterfront and it will be called america's cup pavilion. british rocker sting will be kick over the series on june 22nd. and he is inspiring fans in many ways. there is a new project known as temporary tattoos similar to the ones on his arms and shoulders. they cost up to $9 for single
5:57 am
tattoos and $20 for assist three. fans who want to go to new orleans may have to take out a loan. some are taking advantage of the package deal and the tickets start around $2,400 and a more 5500 -- a small amount of $5,500. what is going on in the south bay? >> 280 northbound looks good and the travel time is nice all the way from cupertino down to san jose. it is not a bad commute, 101 same thing goes and we don't start seeing changes until we move to the 6:00 hour. sunole grade same thing goes. and cupertino does look good.
5:58 am
southbound 101 from 380 to 92 about 8 minutes and no problems on 280 at all. let's go back to the desk. well it happened overnight, a marathon freeway chase, it happened on both sides of the bay and a strange story, why a bay area artist is feeling the heat over a project. and weather looks good but that may change in two minutes. iyin)ñ)ogóçñóçíç'ñy?oo
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